Are Oatly products free from milk and soya?
Yes. All Oatly products are guaranteed not to contain any milk or soya. No ingredients originating from milk or soya are used in our products. Nor do we use ingredients related to soya such as locust bean gum. We ensure that there is no contamination from milk and soya in our production process.

I am gluten intolerant. Can I use Oatly products?
Oatly is a very low gluten product. As we have strict purity controls in place for our raw oats, we can guarantee that Oatly products contain a maximum of 100 parts per million gluten from wheat, rye and barley. Anyone with coeliac disease/gluten intolerance who believes that they may be safe with this type of very low gluten product should seek medical advice in the first instance. In accordance with the new EU rules on foods that are suitable for people with gluten intolerance, a product can only be labelled gluten free when it does not contain gluten exceeding 20 parts per million.

Why should I shake the Oatly carton?
Our drinks must be shaken well before it is poured because separation occurs in the carton. We decided not to use any stabilisers in our drinks so a certain amount of natural sedimentation occurs in the product which is easily reincorporated after a quick shake.

How do I use Oatly oat drink?
Use it just like standard milk. Drink it as it is or use it in cooking and baking. Oatly oat drink is simple to use as you just replace the milk or cream in your recipes with the same quantity of Oatly with a delicious and healthy result.

How do I use Oatly alternative to cream?
Oatly alternative to cream is as easy as dairy cream to cook with – try it in a pasta sauce or a chocolate mousse – as well as being delicious ov r fruit and cereal. To get some cooking inspiration, take a look at our recipe bank.

Can I recycle the packaging?
Oatly comes in Tetrapaks so please visit for recycling advice and locations. I’m not allergic or intolerant to cow’s milk but I want to include the health benefits of oats in my diet. Some suggestions please: Oatly is heat-stable so it is ideal for use in cooking and baking instead of dairy milk or cream and because it is naturally low fat and low in sodium, it is a healthy alternative. Here are some quick and easy ways for you and your family to enjoy the health benefits of Oatly every day:

- Make your morning cereal or porridge with Oatly
- Whizz up a delicious Oatly raspberry and banana smoothie as a snack
- Grab a delicious soup made from Oatly for lunch
- Satisfy your chocolate cravings without ruining your diet with a glass of Oatly Chocolate. It contains only 55 kcal per 100ml.
- Nibble on an Oatly apple and cranberry muffin for tea
- Enjoy a creamy pasta sauce for dinner without overloading on the calories: Oatly Organic Dairy-Free Alternative to Cream contains just 150kcal per 100g compared to 445kcal per 100g for double cream

Are Oatly products suitable for me if I have diabetes?
Nutritionally well-balanced food is good for everyone, especially for diabetics. No specific clinical studies have been conducted on our products in relation to diabetes, but given that our oat drinks are a well-balanced food in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates and does not contain any added sugar, they are well suited to the diet of a diabetic. Oatly products are also a source of soluble fibre: one of the beneficial effects of which is on blood cholesterol, which may also be of interest for many diabetics. We recommend that you consult your dietician to establish whether individual products are suitable or not.

Can the Oatly oat drink be boiled?
Yes, it is perfect for boiling.

Where can I buy Oatly products?
Available from Waitrose, selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA stores as well as Holland & Barrett and independent health stores, Oatly Organic and Oatly Enriched cost around £1.39 for a 1 litre pack, Oatly Chocolate is around £1.49 for a 1 litre pack and Oatly Organic Dairy-Free Alternative to Cream is around 79p for a 250ml pack.

Can Oatly be frozen?
The oat drinks and the Oatly organic alternative to cream can be frozen, but you should be aware that they will be slightly grainy on defrosting. This is not in any way harmful and disappears if you use the products in the preparation of hot food. Do you use anything that is genetically modified?
Oatly is a natural product. We use neither genetically modified ingredients nor trans-fats.

Where do the oats come from?
We use only pure Swedish oats.

Are the oats organically grown?
Organic EU-approved oats are used in the organic products. The oats in Oatly’s other products bear the Svenskt Sigill mark, which means that the use of chemicals in their cultivation is limited. All our oats are grown in Sweden.

Is Oatly oat drink suitable for children under one?
Like other foods, Oatly can be introduced gradually from around the age of six months but, as with infant formulas, it is not intended to constitute a large part of an infant’s diet (certain mineral and vitamin supplements would be required, as in infant formulas).

How should I store unopened products?
Oatly oat drink fresh must be stored in the refrigerator, max 5 ˚C. Once opened consume it within 6 days. The rest of the Oatly range can be stored at room temperature until the packaging has been opened. After opening they stay fresh for 4-6 days in the refrigerator.

How much Oatly do you need to drink to lower your cholesterol?
You need an intake of approximately three grammes of beta-glucans per day to lower raised cholesterol levels. Drinking or cooking with three 250ml glasses of Oatly a day, for example, will provide this.