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Where do the ingredients come from?



Origin: Grown in Sweden.
Supplier: Lantmännen Cerealia


Oat base

Produced by Oatly in Landskrona, Sweden.


Vegetable fat

Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, EU.
Supplier: AAK



Origin: EU
Supplier: Roquette



Origin: Sweden
Supplier: Nordic Sugar


Glucose syrup

Origin: EU
Supplier: Lantmännen Reppe



Origin: Sweden, Poland, Spain.
Supplier: Hafi


Emulsifier E471

Origin: Denmark
Supplier: Dupont



Origin: Sweden
Supplier: NordArom



Origin: USA
Supplier: Caldic



Origin: Netherlands
Supplier: Akzo Nobel



Origin: France
Supplier: Christian Hansen


Thickener (pectin)

Origin: Denmark
Supplier: Hafi

Citric acid

Origin: China
Supplier: Hafi

Strawberry ice cream

Strawberry ice cream

If you happen to be Swedish, then you know this already but if you are not and would like to know something about the Swedes, then you will want to know that the word strawberry spoken out loud anywhere near the month of June can cause them to forget what they are doing and dream away to their childhood or the upcoming weekend or their summer house that is precisely between 20 and 90 km from their primary residence (Swedes are so predictable you know). Well they will be dreaming anyway and when they do dream it is usually about strawberries and ice cream. So, if you ever wanted to be Swedish or wonder what it is like to be Swedish then this is the one for you. 


What’s amazing

Did we say ice cream with strawberries? Yeah we thought so.

What might be less amazing

So we put some sugar and aroma in this product and to be honest we are proud of it. We understand that sugar and extra aroma don’t sound like they are really healthy and we like to be known as a healthy company, but we also like to be known as a company that makes really great tasting products so the extra sugar and aroma is staying in our ice cream, at least for now. If you would like to know why we use palm oil in this product please have a look at this.

There are some additives in this product but there is a good reason for this. We think it is important that the performance level of this product is as good as a standard ice cream. Because if it is, then more people will understand that using it is not a compromise and that the natural benefits of oats far outweigh the use of additives. We are constantly tinkering with the recipe of this product to find a way to make it even better and nothing goes into any of our products without a reason. We simplify whenever we can which means if we use an additive it is because we couldn’t make the product without it. Everything that goes into our products are specifically chosen with extreme care and are vegetable based.


Strawberry ice cream

Oat base (water, oats), vegetable fat (palm*, and rapeseed oil), dextrose, sugar, glucose syrup, strawberry (3%), lemon juice, emulsifier (E471), flavour, stabilizer (E415), iodised salt, colour (beet root red), thickener (pectin).
*Sustainable and certified.

Where does it come from?

Nutritional value

Nutrition information per 100 g:
Energy 800 kJ/190 kcal
Fat 9.1 g
of which saturated 5.7 g
Carbohydrates 26 g
of which sugars 22 g
Protein 0.5 g
Salt 0.1 g


100% vegan. Real ice cream. Makes you as Swedish as you want to be.

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