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Where do the ingredients come from?



Origin: Produced in Sweden.
Supplier: Lantmännen Cerealia


Fermented oat base

Produced by Oatly in Landskrona, Sweden.


Fermentation culture

Origin: France.
Supplier: Dupont


Fruit compound

Origin: Sugar: Sweden.

Blueberry: Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine.

Corn starch: France, Hungary, USA.

Lemon juice concentrate: Italy.

Supplier: ASM


Potato starch

Origin: Netherlands, Germany.
Supplier: Avebe


Rapeseed oil

Origin: Sweden.
Supplier: AAK


Potato protein

Origin: Netherlands, Germany.
Supplier: Avebe



Origin: USA (Univar), France (Termidor).
Supplier: Univar, Termidor.


Origin: USA, China, France.
Supplier: Fortitech

Twin pack oatgurt Vanilla/Blueberry

Twin pack oatgurt Vanilla/Blueberry

What could possibly be better than our new single portion oatgurt packs in vanilla blueberry? A twin pack of single portion oatgurt in vanilla blueberry, that’s what. They let you experience the modern convenience of single portion packaging with the added bonus of a handy back-up pack in case the first one was so delicious that you just have to have another.


What’s amazing

Let’s pretend for a second that you are not 100% sure that oatgurt sounds as cool as it is in real life which probably means you haven’t ventured so far as to purchase a full liter pack yet. No worries, now you can try it without running the risk of well, not liking it. And while you are considering the logic of that sales pitch here comes the clincher. Oatgurt are fortified with calcium and vitamins (D, Riboflavin and B12 to be exact) and a little extra protein and contain good quality unsaturated fat*.

What might be less amazing

In order to bring out the fruit and berries in oatgurt we have added a small amount of sugar (4 to 4.4% to be exact) so if you are trying to cut down on your sugar levels you might not want to kill 10 of these all at once.


* Replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat can help you maintain a normal cholesterol level.


Twin pack oatgurt Vanilla/Blueberry

Fermented oat base (water, oats 12%, fermentation culture), sugar (4,4%), blueberry (3,5%), potato starch, repressed oil, potato protein, corn starch, natural flavour, ground vanilla pod (0,2%), lemon juice concentrate, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, vitamins (D2, riboflavin and B12).

Where does it come from?

Nutritional value

Nutrition information per 100 g:
Energy 400 kJ/95 kcal
Fat 2g
of which saturated 0,4g
Carbohydrates 14g
Of which sugars 8,5g
Fiber 1g
Protein 1,8g
Salt 0g
Vitamin D 1,5 μg (30%*)
Riboflavin 0,21 mg (15%*)
Vitamin B12 0,38 μg (15%*)
Calcium 120 mg (15%*)
Betaglucan 0,4 g

*Of the Daily Reference Intake.


Need a snack? You are covered. Still hungry? Now you got a back up. Great fresh flavors, completely free from soy and milk. Fortified with calcium, vitamin D, Riboflavin and B12.

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