AMBITION 2: By 2029, we will reduce our climate footprint per liter of Oatly produced by 70% and align that ambition with a 1.5 degree C climate pathway. 

 Ambition 3: By 2029, all of the facilities that produce our products will meet “Future Factory” criteria, which we will define in line with the principles of sustainable, efficient, safe and inclusive, and we will support our production partners along the journey.


  • The UN has called on all businesses to accelerate the transformation toward a sustainable future that addresses climate change, inequality, health and wellbeing.
  • At Oatly, we will lead by example as a future company, guided by science, respecting the planet, while creating safe and inclusive workplaces with thriving people.

How will we get there?
This is our to do list for the planet:

Develop criteria for making sure our factories are sustainable, efficient, safe and inclusive

By 2029, source 100% renewable energy (both heat and electricity) for our production from a 63% baseline in 2019 and reduce energy consumption from 0.4 kWh per liter produced in 2019.

By 2029, shift to 100% sustainable ground transport (inbound and outbound) for our products and materials, employing electric vehicles, rail or vehicles using renewable fuels.

By 2029, reduce our water withdrawal by at least half from 4.3 liters per liter of Oatly in 2019.

By 2029, eliminate production waste to landfill – reducing waste, repurposing oat fibers residues for food or feed, and composting or converting the rest to energy.

How will we get there?
This is our to do list for people:

Create a safe and equitable arena for personal growth, thought leadership and transformational change. That means zero discrimination, universal fair compensation and benefits, safe and inspiring workplaces, and an inclusive business that reflects the world around us. 

Maintain sustainability as our core value, helping our co-workers feel committed and understand how they contribute toward sustainability. 

Incentivize our leaders to prioritize sustainability by making it part of their performance expectations.

Check out our 2021 sustainability update to see our progress and challenges.