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Oat Spread Tomato Basil

cooking - Oat Spread Tomato Basil (150 g)

You may recognize this package, but didn’t it used to be sky blue and white? Actually, it is red and white now because we’ve taken the oat spread you know and love (hence the white color) and added sun dried tomato (red) and basil (…okay, not a lot of green here, but that’s probably because this product has more tomato than basil and therefore the designer’s color choice makes perfect sense). If you have tried the original oat spread before, you’ll get it. Just think that one plus flavor. If you have not tried the original oat spread before, this is a creamy and spreadable tomato and basil flavored spread that resembles soft cheese in consistency, except the “cheese” in “soft cheese” is plant-based.

מה מדהים?

Someone (aka the really smart people in the product development department) has figured out how to make Tomato Basil oat spread useful both cold and warm, which optimizes it for all kinds of delicious scenarios - for example, cooking situations.

Full of animal products. NOT. Of course. You cannot be more plant-based than this.

מה עלול להיות פחות מדהים?

So, because we want this spreadable spread to actually be spreadable, it contains saturated fat. Or rather, fully hydrogenated fat. Which is unsaturated fat that has been converted to saturated and should not in any way be confused with trans-fat. Not.

Another thing that could end up here under What might be less amazing is if you, out of habit, grabbed everything to make a cheesecake with oat spread and didn’t notice this one is suddenly red now and you ended up with a tomato basil cheesecake. If so, sorry. On the other hand, if you were looking for a cheese, tomato and basil cake, then bon appétit!

cooking - Oat Spread Tomato Basil (150 g)


Fermented oat base (water, oats, fermentation culture), rapeseed oil, fully hydrogenated coconut- and rapeseed oil, potato starch, potato protein, tomato puree (1,5%), iodised salt, basil (1%), lemon juice, dried tomato (0,5%), onion, garlic, stabilizer (pectin), corn starch, yeast extract, white pepper, acid (malic acid, lactic acid).

ערכים תזונתיים

Nutrition information per 100 g:
Energy 926 kJ/224 kcal
Fat 19 g
Of which saturated 7,1 g
Carbohydrates 9,6 g
Of which sugars 3,7 g
Fiber 0,9 g
Protein 3,1 g
Salt 1,23 g


Also available in green packaging for those who like garlic and cucumber and/or the color green.


מהיכן מגיעים חומרי הגלם שלנו?


Origin: Grown in Sweden and Finland.
Supplier: Lantmännen Cerealia

Fermentation culture

Origin: France.
Supplier: Dupont

Rapeseed oil

Origin: Sweden.
Supplier: AAK

Fully hydrogenated coconut oil

Origin: West Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia.
Supplier: AAK

Fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil

Origin: EU.
Supplier: AAK

Potato starch

Origin: Netherlands and Germany.
Supplier: Avebe

Potato protein

Origin: Netherlands and Germany.
Supplier: Avebe


Origin: Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay.
Supplier: Caldic


Origin: Denmark.
Supplier: Akzo Nobel

Lactic Acid

Origin: Thailand.
Supplier: Brenntag

Malic Acid

Origin: Italy.
Supplier: Univar

Spice Mix

Origin: Se below.
Supplier: Frutarom
Tomato puree: Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Chile.
Basil: France, Belgium, Italy, India, Peru.
Rapeseed oil: EU.
Salt: Switzerland, Germany.
Dried tomato: China. 
Corn starch: Germany, USA.
Onion: Egypt, India. 
Garlic: China. 
Lemon juice: Argentina, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico. 
Yeast extract: Switzerland, Germany, France. 
White pepper: Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India, Brazil.