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We believe that transforming the food industry is necessary to face humanity’s greatest challenges. And it’s not just us. The science is clear—to tackle climate change, we must shift the food system, and moving from current diets to more plant-based can have a transformative impact. Okay, so …let’s do it! 

2020 summary 
and company climate footprint

2020 was a year of climate crises, injustices and a pandemic. But it was also a year of progress. Global challenges are drivers for change, like a force of nature pushing us forward. For us at Oatly, 2020 will go down in the history books as a year when our top priority was to keep our employees safe while continuing our fast growth.

The story behind the numbers

Key metric results 2020
Produced liters: 299 million liters
Climate impact 167.000 metric tons
Climate impact per produced liter 0.558 kg2e
Renewable energy: 49%
Share of renewable packaging material: 87 percent
Water usage: 13-69%
Employees: 792
Gender diversity in leadership: 67-33%
Overall company gender diversity: 48-51%
Sustainability commitment index: 86%

We aim to empower the plant-based movement by three pillars of action, each of them connected to a part of our value chain. If you want to know all the details about them and our ambitions in each area, we recommend you read Ashley´s to-do-list. But if you are more interested in the latest results, this is the place to be.

1. Drive a food system shift

We will work with farmers, suppliers, scientists and other partners to drive a shift toward sustainable, low-emission practices in the areas of our supply chain that are at the core of our business: oats, our suppliers, and packaging.

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Food system shift

*Numbers indicate change from 2019 per produced liter product.

2. Set the

as a future

The UN has called on all businesses to accelerate the transformation toward a sustainable future that addresses climate change, inequality, health and wellbeing. To us, this means companies of the future put people and the planet first.

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*Numbers indicate change from 2019 per produced liter product.

3. lead the charge to empower a plant-based revolution

The science is clear, it is time for humans to shift away from resource-intensive animal-based diets. We will not only provide innovative oat-based products that make this shift simple and delicious, but also use our voice and initiatives to empower change, influence policy and human behavior and galvanize the global movement towards a more plant-based food system. 

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A Note regarding forward-looking statements

This site (the “2020 Sustainability Summary”) contains forward-looking statements regarding our future business expectations and objectives and our environmental, social and governance goals, which involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from the results anticipated depending on a variety of important factors, including without limitation the risks detailed in our filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In relation to the 2020 Sustainability Summary, we are (wholly or in part) reliant on public sources of information and information provided by our own suppliers and business partners. Further, our ability to verify such information (whether now, in the past, or in the future) may be limited by the integrity of the underlying data available at the relevant point in time and the status and evolution of global, supranational and national laws, guidelines and regulations in relation to the tracking and provision of such data. Therefore, such information is provided on a reasonable efforts basis and is subject to change.