Fighting climate change can be as fast as saying, “I’ll have that yogurt parfait with oatgurt instead please.” (3.38 seconds by our count or faster-if-you-talk-really-quickly-and-do-it-in-one-breath-like-this.) That’s how long it takes to switch from dairy to plant-based for breakfast. If that sounds do-able, take the Part Time Climate Activist Pledge now and earn a free patch for doing so. If you’re the non-committal type and things are moving too quick, take a moment to read more here

Become a Part Time Climate Warrior



78% eat the same thing for breakfast every day. So odds are, you only have to remember to switch from dairy once.


81% have dairy products at breakfast at least once a week. Meaning if you didn’t switch from dairy today, there’s another chance in 24 hours.

Image28% would like some variety in what they eat for breakfast and lookey there! We happen to have three different varieties of Oatgurt!

Image44% are not aware of the climate impact of what they eat during mealtime so maybe it’s time to invest in timeshare apartments on Mars.

Image 100% of people in the Netherlands who read this far are interested in statistics about breakfast habits of people in the Netherlands. 


The good news is, most people are firmly convinced this whole climate change thing is serious and are now interested in doing what they can do to reduce their impact on the planet. Phew!

The bad news is these philanthropic thoughts only occur to most people sometime after breakfast. 

It’s true: A full 40% of people in the Netherlands who eat breakfast are trying to keep their impact on the planet as low as possible in their daily lives. But of people who think of their food’s climate impact 

during meals, only 9% are most aware of it at breakfast compared to other meals. You know, breakfast? That dairy-laden, cow’s milk-filled, woops-I’m-late-for-work meal that starts each typical day. 

It’s time to rethink breakfast. 

If you start to think about breakfast the way you think about other aspects of daily life, and you replace dairy-based foods and drinks with plant-based foods and drinks, why, you could pretty much call a press conference to announce that you shall henceforth be 

known as Captain Planet – all for an hour’s work a day. Even less if you eat fast. 

Join the thousands of people in the Netherlands who haven’t yet taken the Part Time Climate Warrior Pledge but are maybe thinking about it. And once you decide to take it, tell your friends. Because if you’re willing to reduce or eliminate dairy at breakfast, you deserve nice things. Like the adoration of your friends and family. A free patch you can iron onto your jacket. Oh… and also a planet with a climate that can support human life.


Saving the planet-ish starts with typing in your email here. By filling out this form, you pledge to switch from dairy to plant-based for breakfast. And we pledge to send you an Official Part Time Climate Warrior patch (as opposed to all those unofficial ones) so everyone you encounter will know they’re in the presence of someone who is, at least for an hour a day, totally and completely committed to the planet. 

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Research conducted September 2021 among over 1,000 residents of the Netherlands who eat breakfast.