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Q: Are Oatly products totally nut-free?

A: Right now, we can only guarantee that our products are dairy- and soya-free. That said, we don't use nuts as an ingredient in any of the factories currently manufacturing products for the UK. Additionally, we have strict 'due diligence' procedures in place with our suppliers to further minimise any likelihood of nuts being present in our products.

We do have a new fat blend in our Creamy Oat Fraiche that contains fully hydrogenated coconut oil. However, coconut is not a nut and is not included in the EU list of 14 allergens, so it's not underlined as an allergen in the list of ingredients on the package. Cross-reactivity for those with tree nut allergies is very rare, and allergies to coconut itself are possible but rare in the UK. Even so, we have certification from our oil supplier that the coconut oil we use should not contain any proteins that could cause a reaction. If in doubt, it may be prudent to check with the individual’s medical practitioner.



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