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Iodine is a mineral known to be important for health. It's essential to the production of thyroid hormones, and also essential during pregnancy for ensuring the normal development of the baby’s brain. There is evidence that many of us may be not getting enough iodine, particularly in pregnancy and especially if avoiding certain foods (e.g. vegetarians and vegans).

Oatly uses iodised salt in all of our UK products except our organic range. We don’t currently fortify any of our products with additional iodine, but we’re looking into the possibility of modifying the iodine levels in our product range to suit various country-specific recommendations.

We're sometimes asked about the iodine content of Oatly Products, so here’s the data:

  • Organic Oat Drink 0.1 ug/100 g
  • Original/Barista Edition/Whole/Semi/Skinny 5 ug/100 g
  • Oat Drink Chocolate 8,5 ug/100 g
  • Creamy Oat (chilled – black packaging) 5 ug/100 g
  • Organic Creamy Oat 0.1 ug/100 g
  • Creamy Oat Fraiche Less than 0.2 ug/100 g

You can find more information on iodine (here).


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