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Consumer Relations Specialist

From North America to Europe, from China to Australia, people’s consumption habits and diets are evolving to be more plant-based. Enter Oatly, the #1 oat based dairy alternative producer in the world with products spanning multiple categories.

We’re continuing to establish our presence in the UK market, determined on being part of the discussion on the long-term future of the food and beverage industry. With this growth, we need more brilliant minds to come work and with us to keep the momentum going and the oat milk flowing.

Our sole purpose as a company is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.

Sustainability, nutritional health and trust are at the heart of what we do. We are building a culture that constantly upgrades each other so we can upgrade the planet. This is a company that shows great respect and a fearless approach to make positive change.   

If any of this resonates with you, then maybe you’d like work for Oatly, too. Read on…

Here is the role we are looking to fill:

We’re looking for a Consumer Relations Specialist, who will act as the first point of contact for the UK arm of Oatly.  We have one other consumer relations mastermind in the UK, and a bigger team in Sweden – all of whom you would work very closely with.

The role is one where you’ll be juggling multiple platforms on a day to day basis, interacting with our consumers via email, our forum, social media platforms and on the phone. Being a fearless and unique brand means we get a lot of attention, most of which is pure love and appreciation, which you’d engage with and celebrate. Our transparent nature also opens us up to challenging questions, which need clear and articulate answers so we can share what we’re about. You’ll be the one to resolve consumer complaints, and you’ll be on the front line to interact with our consumers when we do marketing campaigns. (We go big on these, as you may have seen). All of this will require close collaboration with a cross-section of team members in both the UK and Sweden. 

If the below sounds like you, you could be the ideal person for this job:

  • You have 3+ years of experience in a similar role; dealing first-hand with consumers. 
  • You have excellent social skills and are a talented communicator.  
  • You are confident when speaking and responding to consumers. You can show sensitivity when required but are also thick-skinned when it comes to dealing with complaints or negative feedback. 
  • You have a flexible approach with the ability to undertake tasks at short notice.
  • You stay calm in a crisis and deliver solutions with a calm pragmatism 
  • You’re IT literate, knowing your way around the likes of word and excel whilst remaining enthusiastic to use new pieces of reporting/monitoring software. 

Here’s some other things that we think are part of an Oatly team member’s DNA

  • You are already engaged with our brand and you love our products
  • You feel connected to our mission of encouraging health, sustainability, and transparency
  • You are a self-starter who doesn’t need direct supervision to motivate you for success – we believe strongly in building a culture of individual accountability and ownership and need partners that can embrace that mentality
  • You are ready to make your mark in a smaller, growing brand leveraging your experience to deliver amazing results and build an outstanding company
  • You have entrepreneurial spirit in that you’re comfortable with ambiguity and are energised by the process of building something lasting from the ground up
  • You enjoy sharing your quirkiness and talents with your coworkers 

Another bulleted list felt redundant, so we wrote this long sentence with all the ways we sweeten the deal to work with us, like providing 25 days of holiday (+bank holidays), really great benefits like health insurance, an epic office space in Shoreditch, genuinely great coworkers who want to see the company and each other succeed, a start-up vibe with an established company history, and a fridge full of the best non-dairy alternative in the world for your enjoyment.