We are dedicated to upgrading the lives of individuals and the general well being of the planet through a lineup of original oat drinks so that Freddie Meadows can do amazing things. Freddie is Sweden’s best surfer and is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible up and down the Swedish coastline. Have a look at Freddie here and remember that the answer to your question is yes, this is Sweden and yes, Freddie drinks Oatly products and that is the only reason he can surf like he does.


And fiberrific and fan-fiber-tastic and fiber cool and freakin’ fiber awesome and über-fiber and by the way, have we told you how much we like fibers?

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How refreshing. A nutritious, modern alternative to milk that has nothing to do with a cow whatsoever. Welcome to the post milk society.

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We basically took everything that is naturally and beautifully and lovingly Swedish and gently placed it in this carton just for you. Cheers (but in Swedish).

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More than you would ever want to know about our products.

What makes Oatly Oatly and not just another company.

We are here to listen. So please let us have it.

Potentially the most watched films about oats ever.