Cookies go nicely with oat drinks. As it happens, the digital kind do too. So is it okay with you if we use cookies on this site? What’s cookies?

An old favorite is back in our t-shirt collection — black with white “Post Milk Generation”. Our model, Bertil is also a favorite but he is completely new.

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100% authentic and charming seniors made our hand-embroidered wall hangings, not a cold factory machine in a distant land or some hipster being ironic. Here are the moving pictures to prove it.

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So the world’s most usuable map is designed to help guide you to all the cafes that serve Oatly products which is why we have given it the ingenious name Oatfinder and even made it possible for you to contribute, by adding your own favorite cafe if it hasn’t made the map yet.

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Have you ever stood in front of a piece of art and said, “Well, I could’ve done that”? Well, now you most certainly can do that or well, do this…cool wall-hanging because it’s a pattern just waiting for your artistic skills.


More than you would ever want to know about our products.

What makes Oatly Oatly and not just another company.

The map. Whenever getting cravings for a cappoatccino.

Potentially the most watched films about oats ever.