Look! It’s a bottle of wholegrain breakfast for when you don’t have time to spend the entire morning making a whole grain breakfast. How conveniently modern is that?

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A couple of decades ago we looked at the nutritional power of oats and thought: what if we forgot the cow altogether and turned these oats into a drink that was designed for humans? So we did.

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And fiberrific and fan-fiber-tastic and fiber cool and freakin’ fiber awesome and über-fiber and by the way, have we told you how much we like fibers?

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How refreshing. A nutritious, modern alternative to milk that has nothing to do with a cow whatsoever. Welcome to the post milk society.

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We basically took everything that is naturally and beautifully and lovingly Swedish and gently placed it in this carton just for you. Cheers (but in Swedish).

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What makes Oatly Oatly and not just another company.

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Potentially the most watched films about oats ever.