Design By Bulent

The Grand Designs of Bulent Aslan’s Camia Deli 

Bulent Aslan may not be a name you hear listed among the world’s top interior designers, but in the very, very niche world of “Top Interior Designers Who Use Oatly Cartons As Wallpaper”, he is frequently cited as a global visionary. So of course we shamelessly invited ourselves into his London deli, Camia, and brought a camera operator, a producer, a director, a production assistant, and dozens of release forms.

We had to meet the legend for an intimate and intrusive look at his art. 

Bulent is the genius behind groundbreaking work such as “Oatly carton as bathroom wallpaper” and “Oatly carton as hallway wallpaper” and “Oatly carton as kitchen wallpaper.” To see it all firsthand was an inspiration. When asked what feeds his ongoing creativity and passion, Bulent gave us the profound but indirect answer we were searching for: “I’m happy”. 

At this point, you may be thinking “I wonder if Bulent would ever design MY coffee shop, or home, or chateau, or cabin.” The answer is no. Bulent made it clear that he is not for hire. But maybe after watching our little documentary -- exclusively available to anyone who uses the internet, at -- you’ll feel ready to try Bulent’s method on your own. If so, we’d encourage you to buy large quantities of Oatly Barista Edition … not only for the sake of increasing our sales numbers, but in the name of world-class interior design.