The Oatly Dragster

Now as fast as dairy … if not a little faster!

Remember those idyllic scenes of a dairy truck ambling down your tree-lined street? The milkman in his crisp white uniform strolling to your front door to deliver milk in glass bottles?

Neither do we. That’s probably because the dairy truck and its milkman are relics lost to time--artifacts of a bygone era before the supermarket.

So, imagine our surprise when we discovered a fully functioning old dairy truck puttering around the Chicago suburbs. Only this isn’t a functioning dairy truck in the traditional sense. This 1963 milk truck has been gutted and restored, peculiarly, as a real-life dragster. And its milkman isn’t a milkman at all. He’s a nice guy named Nick who, along with his dad and uncle, hauls the truck to dragways around the Midwest and races it at insane speeds for fun.

Here at Oatly, we love bizarre milk ephemera. It calls attention to how dated the concept of drinking milk actually is. We also love random exploits trying to prove that Oatly performs just as well as (if not better than) dairy. In the end, we just couldn’t help ourselves. We visited Nick at his home in Manhattan, Illinois, with a simple idea: Let’s turn the dairy dragster plant-based and see how fast it goes.

Introducing the Oatly Dragster!