Dad, we need to talk.

About a year ago we ran a campaign called ‘Help Dad’, which sought to win dads over to plant-based eating.

The campaign prompted a lot of conversation, and caught the attention of the Advertising Standards Authority. They started looking into the facts presented in the campaign and had some questions that we’ve discussed ever since.

Today, the ASA is publishing its decision, and it’s clear that we could have been more specific in the way we described some of the scientific data we referenced.

For example, we made a claim stating that ”Oatly generates 73% less CO2e VS cows milk”. We should have been more specific and said: ”Oatly Barista Edition oat drink generates 73% less CO2e vs. whole milk, calculated from grower to grocer”.

We’re a science-based company and take pride in being precise and thorough, but we could have been more clear.

We talk about these things a lot, because we want to make it easy for people to make the switch from dairy to oat drink. After all, if everyone in the world adopted a vegan diet it would almost halve food’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to reduce your climate impact? Go for a plant-based diet*

The ASA ruling in full (also available on the ASA website)

*If everyone in the world adopted a vegan diet, it would reduce food’s annual greenhouse emissions by 6.6bn metric tons (a 49% reduction). Source: Poore et al, Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers, Science 360, 987–992 (2018). Available here