Thanks milk! We'll take it from here

Isn’t the dairy industry the best?! They’ve introduced all sorts of products that have played a role in some of our warmest childhood memories. They’ve even created a range of great recipes on their websites, here is one of our personal favourites! 

So if you want to see how our new plant-based drinks can be used the same way as milk, try one of those recipes. That way, you can do your cooking, baking, mixing, simmering, and what ever else-ing you normally do with cow’s milk, but without the cow’s milk and without the higher climate impact of cow’s milk*.

Thanks milk! No, really.

Whole Oat Drink New, Semi Oat Drink New, Light Oat Drink Also New

* According to a recent study, comparable cow's milk has a 2.4, 2.5 and 2.7 times higher climate impact than Oatly Whole, Oatly Semi and Oatly Skimmed (Light) respectively sold in UK. Derived from: Blonk Consultants (2023), LCA of Oatly “No” Sugars and Oatly Oat Drink (Whole/Semi/Light), and comparison with cow’s milk. Blonk Sustainability, Gouda, the Netherlands. Stages include raw material to point of sale and packaging waste management for average L produced in Netherlands and sold in UK. Findings subject to assumptions, limitations, conclusions, and critical review statement.