Here’s an idea. Take that desk at home that you have been trying your best to work at the past few weeks and clean it off. No, totally. Remove your laptop, keyboard, mouse, any external monitors, headphones, battery chargers and just push them into a corner or maybe straight off the side of your desk right onto the floor because no one is around to see. Now the fun part. Find some soon-to-be-recycled oat drink cartons, an X-Acto blade, a glue gun, some tape, a couple wood clamps, some random string and start crafting. You could probably make all kinds of things with the above, but since this post was smart and got you to clear your desk first, a makeshift ping pong table might be a pretty okay idea. At least that’s what I spent yesterday doing from the solitude of my own home and now that I have told you, please don’t tell Toni, our CEO, because he still thinks that I was working on a presentation for Q3 that was taking some extra time. I’ll get the preso done, don’t worry, but not until my forehand smash improves a bit more.