Lisa's Dream Gallery

Thanks everyone for submitting your dreams for me to draw! I've done so many now that I'm kind of losing grip on reality... Can someone pinch me? Anyway, if I'm not imagening this conversation, check out the dream gallery below! 

freinds with animal heads

“I was sitting with my flatmates in the livingroom and instead of oir faces we all had animal heads!” – Anna

Ocean of books

“I had a dream I dropped a book I was reading in the ocean (specifically "You Are A Badass" - highly recommend) and couldn't manage to pick it back up as hard as I tried. Then the tide took it, and when the tide came back in, the ocean was FULL of books. I mean...completely full of them. All of the pages in the books were still perfectly in tact with no water damage. Moral of the dream: We gain more knowledge by the sea?” – Emma

Christopher Walken in the dessert

“I am in the desert (like in Joshua Tree) with Christopher Walken and his coyote. Christopher offers me cheetos.” – Tove E.H

A seahorse on a moped

“I had a dream, where I was a seahorse sitting on my moped. Riding on the street, with a brown leather hat on my head. My moped was blue and I smiled the hole time.” – Nico F

person being chased by a T-Rex

“I’m running between 2 long rows of dense trees away from a t-Rex” – Ash

Ramen bowl with an egg with a face

“I had a dream that I was an egg in a bowl of ramen. It was nice and relaxing - a good distraction from the pandemic.” – Naomi B

Woman doing dishes and fish swimming in the soap bubbles

“There's a young 1950s woman with white hair sadly doing dishes, but all around her, there are goldfish in floating water clumps (think water in space). They appear to be coming out of the faucet of the sink. She does not notice the fish, but they completely surround her.” – Ana E

Noel gallagher

“I keep having a recurring dream that Noel Gallagher is my landlord and he threatens to evict me because I took down the Oasis poster in the living room. I don't even like Oasis.” – Barrie

Couple sailing on a sailboat on the floor

“Last night I dreamed, that I bought a house and moved in with a nice guy I didn’t know before. In our living room, there was a sailboat, and if we wanted to get into the kitchen, we had to sail. Yeah. That’s it.” – Nina

Person climbing a mountain

“I’m trying to climb a mountain, but I can’t no matter how hard I try because 1. My crazy curly hair is in my face and I can’t see, 2. My shoes have huge platforms and I can’t get a good footing and 3. There is a peacock flying (yes, flying) over me making loud noises that are very distracting... it’s a real struggle🤷‍♀️” – Sarah H

Person riding a snail

“I’m living in a iKaffe box and riding a snail to work. I work as a baker making tiny tiny tiny croissants for the homeless. There is a rain bow in my back yard. My garden is a little sad and I have gummie bears for dinner.” – Malena

Man fighting a pancake

“I dreamt I was in a fist fight with a pancake. The pancake was about to win but I took a bite out of him and that shook him up quite a bit” – Kess

Person flying over a city

“Ok, my all time favorite is the one where I fly. I just take off and fly across the village. It’s like swimming. I go up high and really low, and I love every second of it. Just the feeling of freedom is the best part of all.” – Deborah

miniture person climbing a giant chair

“I went to a bar where the chairs were so big I had to climb them. Like in “Nils Karlsson pyssling”. Then I found a weird button on the bar that I (obviously) pushed” – Saga W

Hot air balloon shaped as a brain flying over mountains

“Hi Lisa! I dreamt an hot air balloon flying, but instead of the balloon there was a brain? Stay safe!” – Federica

70s styled persons in a gym

“I have a giant afro as I walk through my school gym (for reference I am a petite Asian woman). Around me, everyone is wearing seventies clothes and afros. A male friend who I don't recognize picks me up in a hug.” – Ubbi G

woman in dress cowboy standing behind her

“I‘m living in 1870(ish) America. I‘m working in a shop that sells candy and my boyfriend is a hardworking cowboy with long dark hair and two green guns. We decide to set up a farm for blue bunnies and one yellow horse.” – Sarah

Person looking at a closet

“I had a closet that finds the perfect matching outfit. But I didn't agree so I kept pushing the shuffle button all dream long.” – Josse

person with a turtle as a helmet

“I had a dream where a posh woman was wearing a living turtle as a hat and I was staring and she got angry. According to her it was a normal thing to put on your head!” – Veerle M

person hiding from bees under water breathing through a straw

“Giant Killer bees chasing me and I’m hiding in a pond with a straw to breath under water” – Lisa

person stuck in a tree

“Hey Lisa, I had a dream which I was up in a big tree and couldn't get down. There was people staring at me talking like: why would you go over there if you cant come down??” – Isabella C

person on an inflatable unicorn

“I am on the beach, there are crowds around. I want to get an ice cream from the ice cream store so I sit down on my inflatable unicorn and drive in the store. Everyone is jealous” – Anka

A pair of legs and a bag of milk

“This is the absolute most weirdest dream I’ve ever had! Please bare with me. This dream only lasted for a minute or two. I dreamed of an all yellow background, and then what felt like a camera (my dream vision?) panned downwards to a pair of legs open in front of the yellow background (no torso attached, all legs). In between the legs was a bag of milk, then an arm reached out to grab the bag of milk. End of dream. I’ve never woke up so confused, yet, poetically? Cinematically? Artistically? Touched? Seriously, it looked like something out of a music video by The1975.” – Genesis G