Sweet Pete's Honky Tonk Ringtones

The phone you are currently reading this sentence on probably provides a pretty steady trickle of daily distraction, but Sweet Pete (aka, Peter, our production manager) knows a phone becomes epically distracting the moment it rings. So with some inspiration provided by as many of y'all as Sweet Pete could oblige, he has composed the following downloadable collection of honky tonk realness that only a pro with a steel guitar and the soul of a country star could bring. Enjoy!

A ringtone for Doug

“I’m tired of the marimba. I want some booty shakin going on when my phone rings. Hook me up!”  – Doug

A ringtone for Michael

“The last song at the campfire” – Michael

A ringtone for Gucci

“I want my phone sound like I'm entering Magic City Atlanta with a 100k in 1 dollar bills and my teeths is coverd with ICE. BLING BLAWW BURR” – Gucci

A ringtone for Tiia

“The Moon, The way that galaxies and stars look, a bit of Doctor Who with a dark twist, love.. and coffee with oat milk. Somekind of eccentric feeling too.” – Tiia

A ringtone for Petra

“I would love a ringtone that goes with my dad's old red Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu from 1966.” – Petra

A ringtone for Paulina

“Coffee vibes at night. Not too strong, not too chill.” – Paulina

A ringtone for Sarah

“lo-fi grunge surf dream pop dwight yokum beach boys combo” – Sarah

A ringtone for Marie

“Make it Dolly Parton with 80s new wave sounds, please!” – Marie K

A ringtone for Sharlene

“I woke up this morning and looked at the rising sun, welcomed its warm embrace, and was humbled and felt hopeful to see nature's beautiful creatures, trees and breathe in its healing air.” – Sharlene

A ringtone for Cassandra

“I'd rather talk to my dog, Riley, than people.” – Cassandra

A ringtone for Rena

“When I think of donkeys, I vision mountain lakes. With a nice plum tarte and some bubbles in the sun.”
– Rena