Dads are the best, except when it comes to eating and drinking sustainably, in which case, dads are the worst. Compared with women of the same age, or younger men, or basically anyone any age anywhere, middle-aged and older men (44-75) are the least interested in anything vegan. That’s not just something the website writer-person made up, it’s based on real dad research we have collected and presented here as intel for you to use as you work towards your endgame: to win dad over to plant-based for the sake of the planet. Help Dad is designed to help start a conversation on climate change, by encouraging some difficult dinner-table conversations. 

Dads on TV

We ran a series of TV commercials featuring teenagers acting as adults and vice versa.

Editorial in the Guardian

We asked a bunch of journalists to interpret the generation gap based on their own thoughts and experiences and the result was pretty damn interesting if we may say so ourselves. 


Warning: Help Dad was propaganda launched by the International Oat Conspiracy on the 16th of January 2021 with the sole purpose of brainwashing an entire population into a plant-based lifestyle. The campaign ended on the 7th of February 2021.