Salted Caramel

If webpages had feelings, this one would probably be feeling anxiety about doing justice to our amazing Salted Caramel ice cream. Because we are talking about an ice cream that has “it.” There’s something slightly magical about the flavor and texture and creaminess that can’t be captured on a boring old product page here, wherever here is, on the internet. Of course that description isn’t going to cut it, so how about something a dessert chef might say: “The smooth and creamy consistency allows the salty caramel ripple to shine through and perfectly balance the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. It’s complex in its simplicity.”

Hmm. Complex in its simplicity? Well, that’s a little pretentious. Yes, this ice cream is extra classy, but come on. "Damn good" feels better. That’s it. We’re going with that. It’s damn good.

(By the way, we have more damn good flavors. Hazelnut Swirl and Chocolate Fudge, for example.)


What's Amazing

It’s ice cream. And it’s pretty common knowledge that ice cream makes everyone happy. Now think of ice cream plus caramel sauce with a little salt in it, then add in good vibes from the fact that it’s made without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources. Wow.

This is an ice cream made from oats, not dairy, which may not sound like a huge deal unless you’ve tasted this ice cream made from oats. And if you have tasted it, you totally get why this fact is here under “What’s amazing.”

Last but not least

When the carton is empty (which may be sooner rather than later, and that’s okay) it should be sorted as paper (because it is made of paper).

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What might be less amazing

It’s ice cream. So we can’t throw in any mentions of fiber or unsaturated fat. Our nutritionist, Julia, calls this an “indulgence product,” at least that’s close to the translation of the phrase she used in Swedish. Basically, it’s a treat to enjoy once in a while but you probably shouldn’t have a carton every day.

Just like with our other ice creams, this one would not have the consistency of ice cream without saturated fats. We’ve chosen to use fully-hydrogenated coconut and rapeseed oil.

Where are the ingredients?

Since our ingredients often differs slightly between markets they are not available on the global site.

How do we make our oat drinks?

Our oat base is just oats and water. But it’s what we do with those oats and that water that makes Oatly so special.