Bringing the Coffee Specialty Association into the 21st Century

Imagef you’re a barista, you probably know the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has a rule which states only cow’s milk can be used during the world’s top barista competitions. If you’re not a barista, you now know a little trivia that will surely delight your barista friends.

A rule about only using cow’s milk in competitions seems pretty outdated. Especially from an organization that represents coffee professionals – thousands of whom prefer plant-based over dairy. 

It kind of makes us wonder, if the SCA is going to continue insisting on using cow’s milk, what other outdated rules should their barista competitions include? 

Feel free to download and share our resolution or some of the other rules we wondered about. Or, make up your own. Be sure to add #OutdatedCoffeeRules to your posts, you know, if you’re the hashtag type.

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Rather humorous commentary

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It is in the interests of all Persons who find coffee favorable and Most Severely those who ply the preparation of coffee drincs as their Trade that the following resolution reach a welcomed conclusion:

WHEREAS it is beyond dispute that Coffeehouses serve as a bastion of intelligent debate and public Discourse; and

WHEREAS the purveyors of Lattes and Espressos have through their works comported themselves as invaluable Pantheons of societal good; and

WHEREAS these Seminaries of the Steamwand, in accordance with a rule set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association, must use only cow’s milk in drincs made during Barista Competitions; and

WHEREAS the aforementioned rule is an afront to the preferences of a modern and free Thinking public; and

WHEREAS Evidence presents that in a Manner of general speaking, Oat Drincs are Better for the climate when compared to that of Cow's milk*, thus placing an undue Burden upon Competitors who wish to act responsibly towards all surveyed Lands; and

WHEREAS in spite of its rule, the Specialty Coffee Association dubiously includes the word “Sustainable” within its own mission, purpose, and core Values; and 

WHEREAS this divorce of Reason may guide the Fair-Minded to render the Specialty Coffee Association an organization full of Bluster and Tomfoolery; and

WHEREAS Concerned individuals have, without success, faithfully Labored to address these misgivings and disputes with Logic

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NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Specialty Coffee Association dismount from their High Horses at once and update their rule to allow non-dairy milks in coffee drincs made during Barista Competitions; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Specialty Coffee Association be absolved of further Mockery for their temporary adherence to the ancient wisdoms of the dairy industry

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