Some years back, Oatly partnered with a very popular baseball team from Texas. We’d say which team, but we don’t want to hog credit for their recent success (of which we deserve a great deal). American baseball was a little new to us at the time, and we didn’t want to presume Texas baseball fans had heard of a peculiar oat-drink brand from Sweden. So, we figured the best way to introduce ourselves was with a big, loud gimmick.

That’s when the Giant Oatly Carton was conceived.

We didn’t second-guess ourselves, the idea was too brilliant. Imagine walking into a 500-kilogram, 5.5-meter-tall carton because you couldn’t avoid it - you’d remember Oatly forever. It wasn’t until the carton was built that we realized how impractical getting it into a 40,000-seat baseball stadium actually is. We heaved, shoved, and crammed that thing into place. It took forever but it happened. And then we didn’t have to think about it anymore.

Until we did. Recently, we were politely told to remove the Giant Oatly Carton. (Honestly, we probably should’ve seen this coming.) We already knew getting the carton back out of the stadium was going to be an obstacle, but now we were faced with an even bigger problem: Where do we put this thing? 

It deserves a second life. So, we did what any good red-blooded American does when they have an insanely heavy and awkward thing they need to get rid of: We listed it for free on the Internet.

Much to our surprise, we received dozens of responses. Like almost 100 of them. A bunch of people wanted to hack the Giant Oatly Carton to bits for its materials. Some entertained the idea of putting it in their yard to annoy their neighbors. A few just wanted to compliment us on the ingenuity of our listing (which, thank you, we appreciate it). But one candidate saw the Giant Oatly Carton for exactly what it is. A star that deserves a stage.

So with that, we invite you to follow us on the journey of the Giant Oatly Carton. A journey that begins at a Texas baseball stadium and ends at a nearby high school, where the carton costars in the theater department’s production of a popular musical we can’t name because we don’t have the rights and could potentially be sued.