Ashley's to-do-list

So you may be wondering who Ashley is and why she has a to-do list. Well Ashley is our Chief Sustainability Officer, and this isn’t really her to-do list, it’s our company to-do list to take important steps towards our vision for a food system that is better for people and the planet. And it´s not just a to-do list, it´s our sustainability plan, that outlines the actions we will take to meet our sustainability ambitions. But in order for you to know how we’re getting on with our actions someone has to keep an eye on the list as a whole and Ashley has that fun/hard/exciting/scary/rewarding job, so we thought we’d pop her name here so that you know who to go to if you’ve got questions about it. Anyway, back to our vision. We believe that transforming the food industry is necessary to face humanity’s greatest challenges across climate change, environment, health and lifestyle.

We are a sustainability company, and we aim to drive a systemic shift in society—in the ways people eat, food is produced, and the planet is treated—where people can make small changes, like switching to plant-based foods, that improve their lives and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. These small actions can be multiplied to create a plant-based movement. We aim to empower that movement by driving change throughout our value chain with these three pillars of action:

Drive a food system shift
Set the example as a future company
Empower a plant-based revolution

These ambition’s are grounded in actions, under each pillar we have the actions or to-do´s, so go ahead and read more under each pillar.

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