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Emotional Support Hotline For Plant-Based Eaters

Everything’s going to be okay. Yeah, spending Thanksgiving with totally non-plant-based family can cause a lot of feelings. But this year, the Oatly Emotional Support Hotline For Plant-Based Eaters Attending Traditional Meat and Dairy-based Thanksgiving Dinners is at your service. Call now for free emotional support which may or may not include positive affirmations, a motivational locker room speech, a blank audio void to scream into, the soothing sounds of smooth jazz, and more! 

PLUS LIVE HUMAN SUPPORT ON 11/24! Even if you’re like the only plant-based eater within a 100-mile radius, you won’t feel alone on the big day. Live humans will be standing by on Nov 24 to help you talk it out in real-time from 3:00 to 10:00 PM EST so you can easily get through any unwanted feelings or awkward conversations that may pop up while passing the animal-based gravy. 

Black Starburst Graphic with 'Call Now!'

If you are a fan of checking legal sources, you’ll love this.