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There’s only so many weird and interesting stories we can tell on the side of an Oatly package, so we carved out a little space for updates on the work we’re doing and the issues we care about. 

Photo of a woman sitting on a chair in front of the Oatly Dragster

The Oatly Dragster

When we learned an old dairy truck in Illinois had been mutated into a dragster, we asked a simple question: Will Oatly make it faster?

Introducing The F.A.R.M: The Future Agriculture Renovation Movement

The Future Agriculture Renovation Movement

More than just a clever acronym, the F.A.R.M. is a global initiative that works with farmers toward solutions in regenerative agriculture.

Nordic Seed Vault Exterior

The Mysteries Locked Inside Nordic Seed Vaults

Oatly wants to uncover what those mysteries say about oats. So does the Nordic Genetic Resource Center. Can you guess what happens next?

Photo of two people at the Berlinale entrance

Dairy-Free at the Berlinale

When a big international film festival takes away dairy milk, how do its attendees react? By not really noticing, it turns out.

Lab Photo of a Hand Holding a Transparent Jar

Everything You Want to Know About Oatly’s Secret Lab in Philadelphia

Except what you can’t know.

Al Eating With His Friends

Lunch With Al

He’s been eating Jewish deli for more than 80 years. We asked him to try vegan corned beef. This is what happened.

Raster Image of a Man Driving a Tractor on a Field

Long Ago, Horses Were Tractors and Oats Were Gas

It’s about American farming in the early 20th century. Read on, it’ll make sense soon.

What We Learned at COP27 (and What We Didn’t)

What We Learned at COP 27 (and What We Didn’t)

The food system finally played a key role, but our esteemed Oatly correspondent was left wanting more.

Photo of Mikolaj Pociecha

When an Oat Latte Is Illegal

A barista just had to smuggle oat drink into a coffee competition. It shouldn't be this way.

Bulent Aslan decorating the walls of his deli with Oatly cartons

Design By Bulent

Meet Bulent Aslan, the London deli owner and genius designer, creating art out of Oatly cartons.

A family in a boat made of Oatly cartons

The U.S.S. Boatly

In the summer of 2022, a Colorado man named Nate had a vision: A boat made out of Oatly cartons. This is his story.

Photo of the Berte Qvarn mill

You Asked for It, We Listened. Here Are Photos of an Oat Mill in Sweden.

Please don’t say we never gave you anything.