AMBITION 4: By 2029, mainstream plant-based diets by leading a shift from dairy, with a milestone to shift 2.9 billion liters from dairy to Oatly between 2019 and 2025, saving up to
2.5 million tonnes of CO2e 


  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that we have less than a decade to tackle climate change. According to the EAT Lancet and IPCC Land reports, food production accounts for roughly one third of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions and is exploiting natural resources without meeting nutritional needs.
  • Animal-based diets are responsible for approximately 58% of all food GHG emissions and use about 83% of the world’s farmland but only provide 18% of the calories and 27% of our protein (Poore and Nemecek, 2018).
  • Shifting to a balanced diet that features plant-based foods presents an important opportunity for people to cut their climate footprint and adapt to a changing world, while providing significant health co-benefits. Scientists estimate, by 2050, shifting to low GHG diets could free several million square km of land from food production and mitigate climate change up to 0.7 to 8.0 Gigatonnes of CO2e per year, relative to business as usual projections (IPCC, 2019).
  • The potential for change is high; in 2019 more than 80 percent of the world’s population, or about 6 billion people, regularly consumed liquid milk or other dairy products (FAO, 2019). 

How will we get there?
This is our to do list:

Take a stand on climate change and sustainable food systems in key public forums to demand climate action in the markets in which we operate.

Empower consumers to make sustainable food choices by publishing the climate footprint for 100% of our products, calling for mandatory climate footprint declarations for food in our top markets, and building awareness of the health and other impacts of a transition to a more plant-based, sustainable diet.

Develop and provide to consumers more great products that help people make the shift to plant-based food.

ImageMobilize and inspire a movement of baristas, chefs, healthcare professionals, retailers, decision-makers, community leaders, youth, scientists, and consumers to support people in their shift to plant-based diets.

Challenge outdated rules and regulatory barriers to level the playing field for plant-based diets and activate grassroots action to change the policy landscape.

Support the shift of capital to more sustainable ventures by engaging the finance community and showing that new investments in sustainable solutions add value and performance.

Check out our 2021 sustainability update to see our progress and challenges.