Strawberry Ice Cream

Happy strawberries and beautiful oats in ice cold community are so brilliant that you might wonder why nobody thought of it before. (Maybe someone did in a distant galaxy but our competitive analysis stops at the ozone layer of Earth.) Anyway, we are pretty sure there is strawberry ice cream made from oats in close proximity to you right now. Probably in a freezer in a grocery store or if you’re lucky, already in your own freezer if someone put it there when you weren’t looking (in a non-creepy way, maybe a friend or family member). Wonderful when eaten with a spoon, but it can also be drunk in a melted way.


What's Amazing

If you are already familiar with our strawberry ice cream, you've probably noticed that the previous plastic container has been replaced by circular paperboard. Not only will this provide a more enjoyable experience, it also reduces the climate impact of this product by 79%. Yes, you read that right (that is, if you read 79%, you read it right). Also, besides the obvious uniqueness that comes from being an ice cream made of oats, it may also be appropriate to note that there are real strawberries in this ice cream made of oats. At least 15%. Yes, big, juicy berries are mashed up and mixed in perfectly. Nice color, too.

Last but not least

If you have strong feelings for this strawberry ice cream, we highly recommend our Oatgurt with the same nice strawberry flavor.

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More about this product

  • Where can I buy this amazing oat product? 

    Ask your favorite store to carry it or use our Oatfinder to locate a café serving Oatly Barista Edition.

  • I have notes, and some questions, who can I talk to?

    We created OatlyFans just to answer this and any other question you might have.   

  • I hate Oatly but I don’t know how to put it in words.

    You sound like the person our digital media specialist was referring to as the “target demographic” for this site:

  • How do you calculate the climate footprint of this product?

    We gather data on greenhouse gas emissions from grower to grocer and put it through a platform called CarbonCloud that uses 20 years of research in the food-system field to crunch the numbers and get the final carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) number. When the counting and analyzing are done, an impartial verifier professional double-checks the calculations. Basically, our numbers are scrutinized by people who really know what they’re doing. Read all about it here: 

What might be less amazing

(Note! If you don’t feel like reading all the copy below, you can just read the words in bold for a quick summary.)

As you may imagine, it is not that easy to create an oat ice cream because there are certain properties in milk and cream that make dairy ice cream special. For example, we needed an alternative to milk and cream’s saturated fats, which are not found in oats. Unsaturated fats are usually great of course, but in an ice cream context they make the ice cream runny in a non-ice-creamy way. So we decided to use a plant-based fully-hydrogenated fat, which means that the unsaturated fat has been saturated. We have also mixed in a little stabilizer, which of course is a disadvantage if you prefer melted ice cream. In that case, maybe just skip the part where you freeze the ice cream (though we don’t officially recommend it).

Where are the ingredients?

Since our ingredients often differs slightly between markets they are not available on the global site.

How do we make our oat drinks?

Our oat base is just oats and water. But it’s what we do with those oats and that water that makes Oatly so special.