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Ditch milk – Swap to oat drink and save 73% in CO2e

So yeah, we realise it’s pretty crazy for this bottle to be asking you to stop doing something we’ve been doing for the past 6000 years. But then again, people thought we were crazy for being the first company to skip cows altogether and make a nutritious and sustainable drink directly from oats, if anyone is keeping score.

Turns out, by drinking oats straight instead of first sending them through the body of a cow you save the planet 73% in greenhouse gas emissions (based on CarbonCloud calculations of the farm to store climate impact of our Barista Edition vs. British whole milk).

Now, imagine multiplying those savings by everyone in your karate club or moped gang or anyone else who might be interested in the future and well, you can do the maths.

In fact, the dairy & meat industries emit more CO2e than all the world’s cars, planes, trains, boats, go-carts etc. combined. Yes, combined. And as long as we’re on a roll, The Guardian recently reported that the most effective way for anyone to reduce their climate impact is to adopt a vegan diet.

But if that sounds too hard or weird or trendy we suggest you try this at home: just swap cow’s milk for Oatly in your latte or porridge or mango smoothie and see what happens. You’ll probably think it tastes different, because it does. Then put a time limit on your experiment like 72 hours. Chances are if you can ditch milk for 72 hours, you can do it for a lifetime. Think about that while you return to your totally amazing day.