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Fiber residue update

Here’s a recap and update.

During 2018, some of our most dedicated supporters began to question how we handle waste from our production lines. Specifically, they wanted to know how it was possible that a company making so many amazing vegan products could possibly send a by-product from our production, approximately 8,000 tons of fiber residue (in 2018), to a local pig farmer to be used as feed. This resulted in some of the most challenging yet constructive consumer initiated discussions we have ever undertaken as a company. It was our belief at the time that utilizing the protein-rich fiber residue as feed was the most sustainable option available. As discussions progressed, we listened to the critique of our most unrelenting and dedicated consumers and began to reimagine and research additional options for our fiber residue, without compromising on making sustainability our primary focus.

Two years later, we have come a long way. Thanks in part to a grant of SEK 1,727,500 from Vinnova, the Swedish governmental agency for innovation, we began to develop prototypes for a new line of oat based food made entirely from the by-product of our production processes. According to Karin who works in our Innovations Department, the initial results tasted terrible, or exactly how you would imagine oat fiber residue to taste. But they provided us with valuable knowledge that we have since been able to utilize in a broader range of food products. We look forwarded to sharing these breakthrough products with you as soon as they start to taste better than they do at the moment.

Additionally, we have begun to explore the possibilities of turning our by-product into biogas by building our own biogas energy renewal plant at our production facility in Landskrona, Sweden. This project is being led by Tomas who also responsible for sourcing all of our oats from around the world and holds the distinguished honour of being the company’s first official employee.

We intend to keep you updated as these projects continue to develop. In the meantime we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has taken part in encouraging us to change the way we do things. By doing so, you have helped benefit the planet and the people who live here. Congratulations on that.