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Hi everyone!

The issues and comments you have shared with us are both extremely valid and highly complex. They have provided us with hours and hours of internal reflection and they deserve honest and thorough answers.

Our ambition to be both the most transparent and sustainable company in the food industry doesn’t mean that we are by any means perfect. Our approach to sustainability is driven by scientific facts. We have looked at every means possible to improve our sustainability measures in order to find every way possible to contribute to the future of our planet. Yes, sending our production residuals to a local farm as feed has eliminated the unnecessary waste of nutrients and at the same time contributed to the production of biogas. And with the help of biogas our production plant has become totally carbon neutral. This accomplishment does not, however, free us from the need to constantly probe deeper in order to reach our other core objective – to promote plant based nutrition over animal based nutrition in every way possible.

Your voice is an important part of creating change in society. In this specific case, it can get us to look at our scientific calculations and analysis in a new light. More than just providing answers to your questions, our hope is that we land on a solution with the potential to create change.

Rather than serve you a wall of corporate babble, we ask that you allow us time to work through our thinking and provide you with a plan on how we plan to move forward sometime in the coming weeks. We trust that you will be here with your personal angle on things to scrutinise every word of our plan.

In the meantime, find more questions and answers here.

All the best,