Oat Drink Extra Creamy

Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Glyphosate-Free, Kosher-UDE

So only the best is good enough, huh? Then drinking Extra Creamy Oat Drink is for you. It’s the obvious choice when you want to swap whole cow’s milk for something good for the planet. If you use this super delicious oat drink when you bake, your muffins, cakes and breads will come out so moist that it may not even bother you when people use the word “moist.” Pour it in your coffee or tea — it so thoughtfully stays smooth and delicious without acting weird or separating. This product actually might qualify as the best, but since it’s made of oats and oats are really humble, it will always be cool.

Oatly Oat Drink Extra Creamy 1.89L

What's Amazing

100% luxurious flavor! It doesn’t taste like diamonds or anything, but it’s perfectly creamy without all the saturated fats you usually get when you drink something creamy. In fact, whole cow’s milk has 5g of saturated fat per serving while this product only has 1g. Then why is it called Extra Creamy, you ask? Well, this one’s more about unsaturated fat (it has a lot!).* So if you don’t have a yacht but still want to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle, you can brag about the nice, oat drink you're gulping.

BREAKING NEWS! Our Extra Creamy Oat Drink is the first of our products to have DHA in addition to the other awesome vitamins, calcium and minerals in all our oat drinks. We think this product is going to help us ace our company goals — specifically, our goal to make it easier for people to upgrade their lives by switching to a more plant-based diet. Because if you’re a person who currently drinks full fat cow’s milk with DHA, it seems like you might be into switching to this Extra Creamy Oat Drink with DHA, especially since you’re here reading an Extra Creamy Oat Drink webpage and everything. Also, in case anyone’s not sure why DHA is such a big deal in the first place, we’d like to mention that it is an amazing omega-3 fatty acid that’s pretty famous for being good for your brain, heart and eyes.** (And it comes with its own asterisks, so you know you’re good.)

*Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in your daily diet contributes to maintaining a recommended cholesterol level.

**Some studies have shown that consumption of DHA, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, may provide important brain, heart and eye benefits throughout all stages of life.

What might be less amazing

To make it work really great in coffee, we’ve added acidity regulators. Yes, we’re aware that doesn’t sound super fun. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, we promise.

More about this product

  • Where can I buy this amazing oat product?

    Ask your favorite store to carry it or use our Oatfinder to locate a café serving Oatly Barista Edition.

  • How do I use this oat drink?

    For cooking and baking

    1. Find any recipe that you want to cook or bake.

    2. Where it says milk, use this oat drink instead.

    For coffee, tea or hot chocolate

    1. Make the usual preparations.

    2. Use this oat drink instead of milk from a cow.

    For drinking

    1. Pour the oat drink into a glass, mug or a cup.

    2. Drink

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  • I have notes, and some questions, who can I talk to?

    We created OatlyFans just to answer this and any other questions you might have.

  • I hate Oatly but I don’t know how to put it in words.

    You sound like the person our digital media specialist was referring to as the “target demographic” for this site: fckoatly.com/

  • How do you calculate the climate footprint of this product?

    We gather data on greenhouse gas emissions from grower to grocer and put it through a platform called CarbonCloud that uses 20 years of research in the food-system field to crunch the numbers and get the final carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) number. When the counting and analyzing are done, an impartial verifier professional double-checks the calculations. Basically, our numbers are scrutinized by people who really know what they’re doing. Read all about it here.


Where are the ingredients?

Since our ingredients often differ slightly between markets they are not available on the global site.