Frozen Dessert Chocolate Mini Cup

If you love the overall amazingness part of our Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, but not the sharing with others part, you might be interested in this mind-blowingly new product innovation of ours which gives you the same creamy, dairy-free treat that comes in our regular size carton, only in a smaller size. Yeah, incredible.

Oatly Frozen Dessert Chocolate 3.5oz mini cup 6ct

What's Amazing

What’s amazing about the size of these mini cups is that they’re super convenient to hand out at parties or to bring along to something like a playdate or class event or wherever a freezer happens to be nearby. Or maybe you just like the idea of holding one and pretending it’s a regular-sized carton and your hands are gigantic. The possibilities are probably not endless, but there are a lot of them, for sure.

Precisely what’s amazing about the product inside each of these Mini Cups can be found in the copy that already lives here on our regular-size Chocolate Frozen Dessert webpage, if you don’t mind clicking since the web-writer-person had a really long to-do list on the day this copy was due.

What might be less amazing

With the convenience of having a six-pack of mini cups comes the trade-off of having more packaging than one regular-sized carton. The good news is that the outer paperboard packaging is, like all our frozen dessert packaging, made from recycled material, and can (and should!) be fully recycled again, so that it can complete the circle of post-consumer-content life. Thanks in advance.

Plant-based! Gluten-free! Non-GMO! Kosher! Fun for big parties or just a party of one. Comes six in a pack. Only available at Whole Foods!

More about this product

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Where are the ingredients?

Since our ingredients often differ slightly between markets they are not available on the global site.