Frozen Dessert Vanilla Mini Cup

Everyone knows that vanilla is a classic flavor, the kind that a whole group of people can agree on, which is a pretty rare thing if you think about it. Well, now you can easily share our Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert with a whole group of people if you happen to purchase these new Mini Cups, which are not only convenient and thoughtfully portioned for one, but are also kind of adorable, if the adorableness of desserts is something you factor in.

Oatly Frozen Mini Cup Vanilla 6ct Carton

What's Amazing

Just like our larger size, these little guys are totally dairy-free and made from amazing oats, although you probably already guessed that. They’re also made with real ground vanilla beans and a touch of sea salt, so if you’re in the mood for vanilla flavor, and not “vanilla” flavor, with quotes or asterisks or any other punctuation marketing tricks, you’re good from now on. Unlike our larger size, these single-serving containers are portable, convenient, and perfect for bringing to a playdate, or to air guitar practice, or a LARPing tournament, or pretty much wherever a freezer is conveniently nearby.

What might be less amazing

As with the larger sizes of this product, our Vanilla Frozen Dessert Mini Cups are creamy and rich thanks to some stabilizers and saturated fats. Also, with the convenience of smaller containers comes a bit more of a packaging footprint, which is for sure less amazing. But FYI, the outer paperboard packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable.

Plant-based! Gluten-free! Non-GMO! Kosher! Six in a pack. Sold only at Whole Foods. This is where a wrap-up joke would’ve been nice.

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