VOL. 1

If you’re thinking, “Really, Oatly? An advertising jingle right now?” We get it. We say we are the Oatly Department of Distraction Services, but this sounds a lot like an ad for oat drink. Actually, since we are just a bunch of creatives, it’s our way of contributing the most effective weapon of mass distraction we have in our small arsenal of talents (yes, amazing puns like ‘weapon of mass distraction’ are in there too). Of course, everyone knows jingles are ridiculously catchy and stick in your head for days. Perfect, right? What you may not know is if you eventually want to get this jingle out of your head, the quickest way is to replace it with another jingle. That’s why we made you a fully stocked Jingle Jukebox with a whole collection of jingles cued up and ready for whenever you feel like being super-effectively distracted and re-distracted ad infinitum. Hope you like it. 

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