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Cold Brew Latte

On the go - Cold Brew Latte (235 mL)

Out of nowhere, a pair of super-shiny cans tumbled into the Oatly lineup. What’s going on? Should we start styling the hair of little dogs and sell our own jewelry now too or what? Well, not yet. This super-new* product, Cold Brew Latte a.k.a. cold brewed coffee with oat drink, requires a startling color on its package, something that will alert thirsty coffee lovers to its amazing contents. Wait, is silver a color? Maybe it’s more of a material. But it’s the color we’re talking about here, not the material. Anywho. It’s in a gulp-friendly on-the-go package and has about the same amount of caffeine as a large (or grande if you really must) cup of black coffee. And the rest you can read to the right.

What’s amazing

High caffeine content, 2.5% added sugar, rich in unsaturated fat and yes, 100% cool for our vegan friends. If you like the idea of a latte in a shiny container but you're more in the mood for a matcha latte instead, here's what you're looking for. What a coincidence!

What might be less amazing

If you like the idea of a latte in a shiny, tall can but not the cold brew or the matcha kind, we're sorry to say we have no more latte on-the-go oat drinks available at the moment. But you could always brew your own coffee and pour in a splash of warm Barista Edition and you’d basically have a café au lait. Then just pour it into a thermos to make it on-the-go. Just a little tip.

* Depending on when you read this text. Time is relative, after all.

On the go - Cold Brew Latte (235 mL)


Oat base (water, oats 8 %), cold brew coffee 30 %, sugar 2,5 %, rapeseed oil, acidity regulator (dipotassium), calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, natural flavour, salt.

Per 100 ml product:
Energy 223 kJ/53 kcal
Fat 2,0 g
whereof fat 0,2 g
Carbs 7,7 g
whereof sugars 5,5 g*
Fiber 0,6 g
Protein 0,9 g
Salt 0,08 g
Calcium 94 mg (12%**)

*Natural sugars from oats (3,95 g or 3,8%).
**of daily reference intake

Contains caffeine 65 mg/100 ml


Can be stored at room temperature but is best served chilled.
(Hence the name ”Cold Brew” but sometimes a company should state the obvious on their website just to make their attorney’s day a little brighter.)


What about gluten? Read more!

Where do the ingredients come from?


Origin: Grown in Sweden and Finland.
Supplier: Lantmännen Cerealia, Berte Qvarn

Cold brew coffee

Origin: Honduras, Peru, Sumatra. 
Supplier: Zozozial


Origin: EU (produced in Austria).
Supplier: Agrana

Rapeseed oil

Origin: EU.
Supplier: AAK

acidity regulator (dipotassium)

Origin: Germany
Supplier: Brenntag Nordic (Budenheim)

Calcium Carbonate

Origin: USA, Caribbean.
Supplier: Termidor/Provencale
Supplier: Univar 

Natural flavour

Origin: Switzerland.


Origin: Portugal
Supplier: WNF