Oat Drink

We have been making this stuff with kids in mind since the 1990s. Everything we have learned about creating a nutritional balance, about keeping kids energy levels up and their bodies full of healthy* things is crammed into this convenient 250 ml package. There is so much wow no cow philosophy and basic common sense in a leakproof, portable, back pocket container that it is easy to forget that it’s just a drink, and not the answer to all of the world’s problems.

What's Amazing

What’s not amazing when oats and water and salt get to work together without any added sugar? This is the product that has made us famous (well we aren’t really famous yet) because it has a great nutritional balance and contains extra calcium and vitamins, like vitamin D which in Scandinavia is important when the sun doesn’t shine for months on end. And while Johan our Commercial Director doesn’t think it is important to mention that this product is full of betaglucans* because that is more important for older people, betaglucans are just as healthy and cool for kids. It is just that kids don’t know what the word means. But they don’t really understand what nutritional balance or healthy carbs and the perfect doses of protein mean either now do they?

What might be less amazing

Let’s discuss the O word for a second. O as in Organic. This product is not that yet. We are considering using 100% organic oats in this product, but that would mean that we can’t add calcium and still call it organic. So let us know what you think here.

In the meantime we’d just like to say that we use a vegetable based vitamin D2 in this product instead of D3 which has received a little too much hype recently. If you would like to discuss this issue further, please contact Carina. She has been patiently waiting to speak to you for ages.

Last but not least

Check out Chocolate Oat. Or keep it right here and stay true to the original.

More questions? Ask our Community!


Water, oats 10%, rapeseed oil, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, salt, vitamins (B2, D2, B12).

Free from lactose, milk protein and soya.

Nutritional value

Nutrition information per 100 ml:

Nutritional value -
Energy190 kJ/46 kcal
Protein1.0 g
Fat1.5 g
of which saturated0.2 g
Carbohydrates6.7 g
of which sugars4.1 g*
Fiber0.8 g
Sodium40 mg
Calcium120 mg (15%**)
Vitamin D0.50 µg (10%**)
Vitamin B12 0.38 µg (15%**)
Vitamin B2 0.21 mg (15%**)
Betaglucan0.4 g

* Natural sugars from oats.
** Of the Daily Reference Intake.

How do we make our oat drinks?

Our oat base is just oats and water. But it’s what we do with those oats and that water that makes Oatly so special.